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How do I use this site?

The purpose of the Mount Orange School demo site is to give you a feel for how a real Moodle-using school operates.  As a guest, you can only view the courses; you can't participate. To  have a clearer understanding and some working examples, it's better to use Moodle "in character" so we've set up some accounts already and you are very welcome to log in with them.

Nuestros servicios tecnológicos incluyen:

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What if I break the site?

You are very welcome to :-D This site is reset every hour on the hour so anything you "break" will get fixed. This does mean, however, that any changes you make will only last one hour.

Can I add my own activities and try them out with students?

Yes! With the teacher role you can create activities in courses where you have editing rights, or you can create a new course with the manager role. Once you have added activities, log in with the student role to try them out.

I work for a university/business/organisation. How can this site help me?

Many of the Moodle features and roles used in a school can work just as well in a primary, tertiary, adult, organisational or other settings where people learn or do business. (Small) imaginative leap required.

How can I get this theme for my own Moodle?

The front page settings and theme are based on the Boost theme. Amazing what you can do with standard Moodle:) The documentation on Standard themes explains how it is done.

What if I want to try a totally empty site or log in as an administrator?

You're welcome to try our Moodle sandbox site.

Can I get these courses myself to keep for longer than one hour?

Yes you can! You can download most of them to use on your own Moodle by following the links in each course summary or by logging in with the manager role and using the  backup feature.

How can I give feedback about this site?

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please come over to the community sites forum and help us make improvements.

Last modified: Tuesday, 19 May 2020, 10:51 PM